1997/09/04 New York City, NY

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1997 MTV Music Video Awards - September 4th, 1997
1997 MTV Music Video Awards - September 4th, 1997 performance at {{{Location}}}.
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The performance on September 4, 1997 took place at the annual MTV Video Music Awards (and broadcast live from) in New York City, New York, USA. The band was invited to perform "The Beautiful People", as its music video had been nominated for the categories of Best Rock Video, Best Special Effects in a Video and Best Art Direction in a Video, although it did not win any of these awards.



  1. "The Beautiful People"



Satellite version


  • During the original live broadcast of the opening speech, the entire word "assholes" was censored. The newer version only censored part of the word (holes), and featured alternate camera angles also replacing a cut of Zim Zum giving the crowd the middle finger.
  • The second version of this performance can be found, unedited, on the MTV Video Music Awards - Rock dvd.