1996/12/12 London, England

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December 12, 1996
December 12, 1996 performance at Kentish Town Forum in London, United Kingdom.
Performance by Marilyn Manson
Location Kentish Town Forum in London, United Kingdom
Tour Dead to the World
Tour leg Dead to the World Tour: Theater Leg
Performers Marilyn Manson, Zim Zum, Twiggy Ramirez, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Ginger Fish
Support Fluffy
Touring chronology
December 9, 1996 December 12, 1996 December 14, 1996

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The performance on December 12, 1996 took place at the Kentish Town Forum in London, United Kingdom. It was originally scheduled for the Electric Ballroom, then the London Astoria, before settling on the Kentish Town Forum on the day of the performance. Rumored reasons for the abrupt move have included such reasons as the lighting rig wouldn't fit in the Astoria or that the Westimister Council disallowed the band from playing at the venue, though the latter may be more likely. Fluffy was the opening act.



  1. "Angel with the Scabbed Wings"
  2. "Get Your Gunn"
  3. "Dogma"
  4. "Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World"
  5. "Tourniquet"
  6. "My Monkey"
  7. "Lunchbox"
  8. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  9. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
  10. "Minute of Decay"
  11. "The Beautiful People"
  12. "1996"
  13. "Cake and Sodomy"
  14. "Misery Machine"
  15. "The Reflecting God"
  16. "Man That You Fear"

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